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Wide Range Phones Unlocking near you

There are a number of options for unlocking phones. The most common over the years has been "direct unlocking" which involves plugging your phone into one of our specialist kits and it doing the work. Alot of newer handsets require server based solutions which can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 10 working days. Prices vary alot so please contact us to discuss the options available to you.

We can also unlock your phone so that you can use it on the network of your choice, rather than being restricted to one provider. We can unlock all major brands of phone such as Huawei ,Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, Apple (without jailbreaking) etc.

Unlocking is a way of allowing your phone to be used on a different network. Why are phones locked

Network providers use locking to ensure that you stay with them for the minimum duration of your monthly contract or Pay As You Go agreement. If you comply with the provider’s terms and the phone has not been reported a phone can usually be unlocked.

If you breach the terms of a contract, or report a phone as missing or stolen, the provider will block the phone using its unique IMEI code preventing further use. This is called a “dead phone”! We can unlock phones that have not been blocked so you can choose to change your network and tariff. We cannot and will not unlock phones that have been blocked or stolen.

Is it Illegal?

NO, this is a common misconception, and one the mobile phone companies (unsurprisingly) aren’t keen to dispel. The confusion arises because unlocking and unblocking are often mixed up, yet mean different things. Unlocking is totally legal. It just means making the phone work with any Sim card. Unblocking is illegal. This is the practice of making a phone work again after it’s been blocked by the networks, usually as a result of its being reported lost or stolen. Unsurprisingly, It is thoroughly illegal and should not be attempted.

“Unlocking” means that your handset will accept any sim card and is totally legal. Please note that this very different to “unblocking” which is illegal under UK Law. A mobile phone is blocked by the UK mobile phone operators when it has been reported lost or stolen.

We are specialists at “Unlocking” all makes & models of Mobile Phones

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