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Please Read Carefully


Please note that when REPAIRING or UNLOCKING your phone, Some of the programs we use may erase items from your phones memory. (PICTURES, CONTACTS, ETC..)

Please ensure you have backed up any important data. As Thistle Phones we do NOT make any backups and will not be HELD Responsible for LOSS of data from your phone.. Please ensure you understand this before you ask us to repair OR unlock your phone


Its proof of your warranty* NO Receipt, NO Warranty* *90 Days warranty on all related repairs*

All Smartphones, Tablets , Ipads , Ipods , Laptop Screen Repairs

Quatanteed for 90 Days From Date of repairs

*** Unless Physical Damage ***

Please ensure that we can not give quarantee on smashed , cracked or phycical damaged screen

Please Beware Before Screen Repair of Your SmartPhones

Once We Open the Phone For Screen and Back Glasss Replacement, It Will be NO LONGER WATERPROOF


If your phone shows NO SIGNAL with O2 or Vodafone network or Shows signal but doesnt allow calls on EE or T-mobile/Virgin it may be BARRED....

If the network have barred he phone you are unableto use it with any network not just the original network...

Unlocking the phone will not make this any different it will still BARRED... We CANNOT and will NOT attempt to do anything to unbarr any phone,

This is ILLEGAL and can carry a 5 YEAR JAIL TERM....

If you ask us to unlock your phone and It is a BARRED phone, your phone will still not work but We will still charge you the Unlocking FEE for our unlock service


As per section 2.6 of our Terms and Conditions, our warranty/chargeable repairs are quaranteed for 90 days from the date the equipment is ready for collection. If the same fault should re-occur we will repair free of charge. If equipment develops and additional fault unrelatedto the original repair, the repair warranty contained in this paragraph will not apply..

Please note due to current legislation Photo ID

(Passport, Driving Licence, Student ID card etc ... ) must be produced when selling your phone to us

Thank You

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