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Terms & Conditions for All Repairs

We understand your data is personal, private and probabably very important to you. We will never give, sell or distribute any data from your device to any other person organization.

We may save a pass-code or lock pattern needed to test out or back up your device, if you request it in certain service

When we are performing a repair or service we will only access the areas of your mobile device that are revelant to the sitation. We will not open personal apps. look at pictures, videos, music, contacts or anything else without your prior pernission

Our testing procedures often require us to test the camera, speakers, microphone, antennas, and various other functions on the repaired devices

We are not responsible for data loss resulting from a repair or service. We always recommend you back up your data before you bring in your device if possible. Rarely does data loss ever result from a repair however, We take every precaution to minigate any risk of data loss

We use industry standart tools groundingmechanism and methods to complete repairs correctly to preverse data and to quarantee the integrity of the mobile device that we are repairing

These privacy policies are meant to answer some questions you might have,We want you to trust us completely when it comes to servicing your device or helping you with technical support. We take these policies very seriously and you can know for certain that you will be interacting with professionals We havehad an incredible track-record and issues that have been covered on this page are nearly no-existent, However . if you ever have any questions , comments or suggestions regarding these policies, please email or call us

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