Wide range SAMSUNG repairs near you

We specialise in repairing broken Samsung mobile phones. Our same day repair service covers almost all broken components and common faults for the Samsung brand of mobile phone including:

With all the best equipment at hand we can carry out fully guaranteed, cost effective repairs using only quality replacement parts

Whether you need an old Samsung phone repair or the latest Galaxy smartphone screen replaced, we can help with professional out of warranty Samsung repairs.

If the screen is smashed, cracked, shattered or not responding to touch don`t worry. We have experience in replacing touch screens using high quality replacements. They also haven`t forgotten about the qwerty keyboards, the team can replace missing keys and buttons on your Samsung mobile phone.

When the phone is not charging or the battery is losing its charge too quickly, The staff can even replace faulty charging ports and broken sim card readers. Each completed Samsung phone repair for tested for general faults and should any delay occur (for example a shortage of parts for newer models) you shall be quickly informed and kept in contact by us

  • LCD Screen replacement
  • Glass/digitizer) replacement
  • Charging port faulty
  • Water / liquid damage
  • Unlock phone
  • No phone signal
  • Keypad buttons not working
  • volume/power/ problems
  • SIM card/SD card problems
  • Camera problems
  • Phone crashing/won't start up
  • Replacement housing
  • No Wifi/No bluetooth
  • Ringer / no Sound problem
  • Ribbon Flex Replacement
  • Speaker/Microphone/Loudspeaker
  • Data retrieval from dead phone
  • Headphone Socket Replacement

If your specific fault is not listed, please contact us via email or telephone to discuss in more detail to enable us to give you a specific quote.

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